Sage Music New NYC Music School Location

In the Marine Corps there was an expectation to “Hurry up and wait”. This means that you first do everything immediately and as quickly as possible. This is so you show up to your meeting location early. Secondly, once you are in place early, you wait. It’s a good strategy.

Some give similar advice for business. They advise people to show up to their meetings an hour early. Once arrived, you can have a coffee or tea or sit at a nearby cafe and wait for your meeting. This will prevent lateness, and reduce your stress. It’s a good strategy.

Our move to the new music school location has been nothing like that. It’s been wait and hurry up, instead. And has stressed me a bit as a result.

We’ve been delayed by so many things out of our control. So we’ve been waiting. And waiting more.

And now, we hurry up.

It’s happening fast.

Demolition started last week. It took one day.

Then they installed the floor. And laid the floor track. That took two days.

The framing and some electrical work are in progress. Sheetrock and insulation starts soon.

Then doors and paint.

Then we move.

I’m very excited to soon invite you to our new home. We’ll be there sometime in July. Take a look at the progress so far.