It’s hard to believe that we were shut down for the pandemic over a year ago!

At that time we had to move quickly to get our school up and running online. And we had every student set up for their online music lessons less than 48 hours later.

We are proud to have managed that transition so quickly and so well.

But just as quickly as we were shut down for Covid, the restrictions were lifted allowing us to reopen for in person music lessons.

Will you reopen Sage Music School in NYC?

The big question has since been: Will you reopen in New York City?

Yes! We are reopening NYC!

However, this time we don’t need to rush. And we are going to do this right, just as we always do.

Our goal is to reopen our NYC music school safely, and in a way that is long-term sustainable. And it is going to take some time to do this well.

As you’ll see below, there are many things to do before reopening.

How did we decide to reopen for in person music lessons?

We made the decision to reopen very carefully.

We conducted a survey of all our existing music students, read all of the CDC, NYS, and NYC guidelines, reviewed health and safety considerations, privacy concerns, and more.

The first step was to survey our students to best understand their concerns.

We know many students’ preferences had changed during the shutdown. We just needed to know exactly how.

About 46% of students now prefer their music lessons online

They prefer online music lessons because

  • It’s convenient
  • It’s flexible
  • Saves travel time
  • They get online lesson recordings
  • Sage Music Meet, our online lesson platform, makes learning easy
  • Learns better online
  • They still feel a part of the community due to our online events and classes
  • Take lessons from comfort of own home
  • Less covid risk than in person
  • Avoid Covid risk on public transportation

See the full list of benefits for taking online music lessons.

About 54% of students prefer returning to in person music lessons

But other students prefer returning to in person music lessons. The primary reasons were

  • Wanting to get out of the house
  • The Sage Music Community
  • Wanting to ‘see’ my teacher
  • Playing music with others
  • Learns better in person

Read about the benefits of taking music lessons.

But students want changes to in person music lessons

But most who prefer in person music lessons want many changes to feel comfortable returning.

These requested changes include:

  • A flexible hybrid model, to take some lessons online and some in person
  • Covid Safety updates and procedures
  • HVAC/circulation requests
  • Want to wait and see what new Covid variants do before going back

Safety Requirements of taking lessons in person

We have to face it, the world has changed.

And based on CDC guidelines, we aren’t able to use our previous spaces in Brooklyn and Queens because the building and rooms do not meet safety guidelines.

And based on our students’ preferences, there are many things we need to do to make you comfortable in a post-pandemic world that our spaces could not accommodate.

Sage Music will reopen in a new location

So based on health and safety guidelines and student preferences, our only option is to find a new more suitable music school facility.

We are now looking for the best new location that addresses safety issues, plus student, teacher and staff concerns about reopening.

While it will take a little time to make this happen, we are underway. And we’ve got some great in person events for you in the meantime!

Opening in person will require planning and changes

As we are planning for reopening, we are answering these questions and planning our response.

  • How do we keep our people safe and healthy?
  • How do we keep our people comfortable?
  • How do we maximize learning in this new environment?
  • How do we protect our students’ privacy?

When will Sage Music School reopen in NYC?

We can’t give a firm date until we have secured a new property, built it out, and emplaced all the safety requirements.

Once we do, we’ll update our timeline and keep you posted about the reopening of our music school.

So, what happens until we reopen in NYC?

  • You or your child will continue receiving their lessons online. Plus they can attend online events like our Open Mic and Student Sharing Hours.
  • Join our in person performances and meet-ups so we can have some face time together until then, because we miss you!

Check our events page for information about our in person events.

Music Student Happiness

While we were mostly interested in learning exactly what our students wanted about reopening, we learned a few exciting things in our student survey.

Sage Music lessons are better

  • 86% of students Strongly Agree that Sage Music Lessons are more valuable than any other music lessons they have taken
  • 14% have not yet decided (these are mostly new students)
  • 0% of students disagreed

Sage Students highly recommend it

  • 95% of students Strongly Agree that they would recommend Sage Music to their family and friends
  • 3% of students Agree that they would recommend Sage Music to their family and friends
  • 2% of students are undecided

See what all our students think.

We’d say those are pretty good results!

We always take care of our students first. And that is exactly why we have such good results.

And that is exactly why we are taking our time to reopen safely, and to do it right. We take care of our people.

So we appreciate your patience as we take the appropriate steps to rebuild and reopen.

Thank you!

We’d like to thank all of the many students and prospective students who shared their thoughts on our survey.

It’s helped us to grow, and to plan the best way forward with you.