Workshop: How To Practice Music

Workshop: How To Practice Music


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    Many people play and practice music, spending a significant amount of their time trying to learn their musical instrument. But did you know that you can actually make yourself worse through improper  practice? How will you know if your practice  is helping you to become better as fast as you can, while avoiding common mistakes? That is exactly why we designed this workshop.  We want you to become the best musician that you can be, as fast as you can, and with minimal effort.

    In this 3 hour workshop, you will learn:

    • How to make the most progress in the least amount of time
    • How to trust in your practice routine for effortless improvement
    • The research which proves these methods work
    • The basic processes of how we learn
    • Apply these methods in a group practice session


    This course is taught by Sage Music founder, Jason Sagebiel, a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music. “I got into teaching after sustaining a brain injury while serving in Iraq,” says Sagebiel. “There was very little therapy available at the time so I had to take care of my own recovery. I immersed myself in the study of how the brain learns, and the science and psychology of learning. It was through my own self-healing and recovery that I discovered how to help others through music with this new found knowledge of the learning process. Turning my traumatic injury into something positive and helping others is truly rewarding.”

    Don’t miss this great opportunity to turbocharge your practice. The class is currently offered in Long Island City, Queens, NY, one stop from midtown manhattan on the E/F/G/M/N/R/Q/7 trains.

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    3 reviews for Workshop: How To Practice Music

      Camille October 13, 2017

      It was a great workshop. I’d heard some of the advice before from Jason but this was more thorough than what you have time to discuss during a lesson. Some adjustments are easy to make so it doesn’t take a huge effort (be aware of how focused you are, stop practicing when you’re losing your concentration, frequency is effective, even if you only practice for a 3 minutes at a time…). My one complaint is that I’ve lost any possible excuse I could have had to not practice.

      Michael Reichenberg October 11, 2017

      Great workshop! Taught me some great techniques and the science behind why they actually work. Allowed me to objectively look at my practice sessions and figure out where and how I can improve them and advance faster. Jason’s a great teacher and makes everything fun and easy to understand

      Tallie Gabriel October 10, 2017

      This class was so helpful in redefining and reshaping my practice routines. Jason put game-changing practice techniques into easy, understandable terms that made my practice habits more efficient and thorough. I know how to get the most out of my practice time, a skill that feels invaluable!

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