Workshop: How To Conquer Your Nerves and Play Your Best

Workshop: How To Conquer Your Nerves and Play Your Best


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    You get nervous before your perform. And it makes you worse. You never feel like you can play to your best. Then sometimes you make a mistake and that makes your nerves worse.  Then you can’t remember what comes next. Now the audience is waiting for you to continue but you draw blanks.  Your hands are shaking. Your heart is racing. You can’t hear anything, and you definitely can’t remember anything.   How do you go from here?

    I’m Jason, the founder of Sage Music, and I have been there too. It’s a terrifying experience that I just described, and you are not alone. I had performance anxiety when it came to music ever since I was young because no one showed me how to properly prepare.

    But than I went to the war in Iraq and got severe anxiety after a suffering a brain injury. When I came home I tried to come back to music. I played many shows that were complete and utter disasters because my nerves were out of control.  In fact, there are some musicians I am sure will never work with me again because I bombed so badly. None of it because I couldn’t play. All of it because I couldn’t keep calm. But I learned to control my nerves, and to use them to my benefit. I learned to play better on stage than I could ever do at home in my practice.  In this workshop, I’ll show you exactly how you can, too.

    Don’t miss this great opportunity to turbocharge your performance. The class is currently offered in Long Island City, Queens, NY, one stop from midtown manhattan on the E/F/G/M/N/R/Q/7 trains.

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