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Jessica Anderson

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If you are looking for a qualified piano teacher NYC has many to choose from. You will certainly want a teacher who is experienced, patient, knowledgeable, and will help you quickly achieve your goals. But you will also want the support of a school that can provide many resources that a private teacher cannot.

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Jessica Anderson has more than a decade of experience teaching the piano, and has won awards for her teaching and her performances. But in addition to Jessica’s great background and teaching abilities, when you take piano lessons at Sage Music you also receive the full support of the school, access to our concerts and events, a strong musical community, and an administration that constantly works to improve the teaching quality of all our teachers.

“My goal as an instructor is to instill a deep appreciation in my students for music of all genres,” says Jessica. “It is always my hope that as students become increasingly proficient at the piano, the struggle and discipline of learning and mastery gradually give way to the joy and pleasure that comes from the ability to express oneself artistically, technically and creatively. Although my own experiences have been focused on classical training and technique, I understand that success in music appreciation is an individual experience that needs to be tailored to each student. Through collaboration with musicians of jazz, pop, honky-tonk, and blues backgrounds, I have deepened my understanding of genres beyond classical. I have always thrived on discovering new and exciting ways for students to reach their full potential and to enjoy their journey. I really love teaching Sage Music’S piano students in NYC.”

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Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree in piano performance from SIUE and a master’s degree in piano performance from the Chicago College of Performing Arts, Roosevelt University. She was recognized with a Music Teachers National Association STAR teacher award; the Ruth Slenczynska award for piano performance and the SIUE Piano Performance Award, and scholarships from SIUE and Chicago College of Performing Arts.

We offer specially priced trial lessons and free consultations for piano lessons. Jessica teaches private piano lessons at our locations in Queens and Brooklyn, New York.

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