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Evan J Dice

Violin Teacher NYC

A classically trained violinist, Evan Dice is a violin teacher at Sage Music. In addition to teaching violin lessons, Evan teaches viola, cello, composition, and arranging. Evan’s passion for music began at just four-years old when he started playing the classical violin.  Throughout his life, however, Evan’s musical interests have been wide. He is an active jazz musician, and a regular collaborator with rock, experimental and avant-garde musicians in NYC. He also composes and performs electronic music, and advocates for learning outside one’s wheelhouse.

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With such a wide variety of performing experience, Evan can guide you toward mastery of the violin in almost any style. He finds joy in connecting players with the repertoire they love, string instrument pedagogy, and discovering different ways of learning and teaching. He is also personally motivated to share his enthusiasm for music and the arts through teaching.

“I take teaching very seriously and I am always trying to grow as an educator,” says Evan. “Sage Music prioritizes effective music instruction, which aligns with my philosophy. Sage’s approach to teaching differs from other schools because of the emphasis on quality and the unique approach to teaching. I love to share my love for music with the students who come here from all over NYC.”

But In addition to Evan passion for teaching, when you take violin lessons at Sage Music you also receive the full support of the school, access to our concerts and events, a welcoming musical community, and the guidance of an administration that constantly works to improve the teaching quality of all our teachers so that you benefit from the consistent, high-quality lessons.  It’s this partnership between Evan and Sage Music and you, our students, that creates musical success.

Evan, a Brooklyn resident, teaches violin lessons at our locations in Queens and Brooklyn, New York.

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