Every Word You Need to Know for the Study of Music

We sometimes use technical language in our music lessons and blog posts. Being precise helps us teach you music better so we are building this music dictionary for you. We are including musical terms that you may encounter when studying music, anatomical terms that you may encounter when learning about your body as it relates to your instrument and the performance of music, and psychological terms that you may encounter when you are learning about how to be a better learner of music.

If you need us to add a word or a term, please contact us and we’ll be glad to do it!

There are two ways to get the definition for a word. 1. You can come to this glossary page and find the word in our alphabetical list, or 2. you may search for the word in the searchbar at the top of every page.

The Sage Music Dictionary of Musical, Anatomical, and Psychological Terms.

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