NYC Piano Teacher and Clarinet Teacher Play Messager

We’d like to share with you a performance that Sage Music NYC piano teacher, Aleksandra, and Clarinet teacher, Asuka Elias, recorded at Make Music New York over the summer. This is a performance of Andre Messager’s Solo de Concours for Clarinet and Piano.  (You can download the score by clicking the link.)

Because of the location, our piano teacher was not able to perform on an acoustic piano.  She is instead performing on a digital piano keyboard.    The sound is not quite as good as a real piano, but a quality keyboard can still provide you with a good sound that has control of dynamic, articulation, and phrasing.  Learn how to choose a piano keyboard.

The keyboard aside, this is an excellent performance by our nyc piano teacher and clarinet teacher.  We are very happy to always expect such great and consistent performances from our music teachers in nyc.

Andre Messager was a French composer, conductor, and pianist whose works were largely performed in London.  He wrote many operas in the comic style, as well as ballets and sonatas such as the one that you will here in the video above.

His work has a similar flavor to that of Camille Saint-Saëns and Gabriel Fauré who were his teachers and contemporaries.