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trumpet lessons near me
Should You Buy or Rent Your First Trumpet?
September 20, 2018

Buy or Rent Your First Trumpet? If you want to learn the trumpet, then you’ll need to find a great music…

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saxophone lessons
Want to Learn the Saxophone? Here’s What to Do
August 24, 2018

Image Credit Learning to play a musical instrument is a great opportunity, and music lessons offer plenty of benefits, including reduced stress... Read More
clarinet lessons
What to Expect During Your First Clarinet Lessons
August 20, 2018

Clarinet Lessons If you’ve made the decision to learn the clarinet, then your first clarinet lessons will be an exciting time... Read More
flute lessons nyc
Tips to Help You Learn to Make a Sound on the Flute
August 14, 2018

Playing The Flute The flute is a wonderful instrument to play. It’s versatile and beautiful, but it can also be challenging... Read More
The Basics of Buying Your First Pair of Drumsticks
June 30, 2018

Which Drumsticks Should You Buy? If you’re planning to take drum lessons, then drumsticks are an important investment. Luckily, drumsticks are…

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cello lessons
12 Items Needed for Cello Lessons and Study
June 21, 2018

Items Needed for Cello Lessons The cello is a beautiful instrument, and learning to play the cello opens up the doors…

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piano lessons
How to Get the Most Out of Your Piano Lessons
May 31, 2018

If you want to become a better pianist, then investing in piano lessons is one of the best ways to improve…

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finding your voice
Find Your Voice at Sage Music
May 27, 2018

Finding Your Voice With Voice Lessons About two months ago, I began working with a new student. During our trial lesson,…

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Music Lessons Expand Your Mind
It’s Not Just About The Music: How Music Lessons Expand Your Mind
May 17, 2018

How Music Lessons Benefit Your Mind As odd as it may sound, music lessons are not just about learning how to... Read More
Piano Lessons
7 Ways Piano Lessons Can Benefit Your Child
April 18, 2018

How Do Piano Lessons Benefit Your Child? Piano lessons for children aren’t just about musical education. At Sage Music, we strongly…

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Passion fuels music: Why the violin is the perfect instrument to learn
March 31, 2015

Play The Violin If you are interested in playing music, but not certain where to start, you may consider picking up... Read More
Learn how to assemble and disassemble your clarinet
February 9, 2015

Hi, my name is Eun Lee and I teach Clarinet Lessons at Sage Music. Because you are reading this blog, I know... Read More
Improving Your Singing Voice Part 1: Singing Posture
January 28, 2015

Singing Posture Welcome to the Sage Music eLearning series. In this video series, I’m going to take you through some basic principles…

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Sage Solfege
A new Solfège system, Sage Solfège
April 17, 2014

[glossary]Solfège[/glossary] is a system for singing or sight-singing that uses syllables to represent [glossary slug='pitch']pitches[/glossary]. Solfège works by associating the syllable... Read More
Inspecting an Acoustic Guitar
Inspecting an Acoustic Guitar – Is your guitar in good playing condition?
June 17, 2013

Before making any guitar purchase, you want to be sure that the guitar you are looking at is in good playing... Read More